Product Information

All labels are for concentrated forms of the product. Products are mixed with water and highly diluted before being applied to properties.
ProductLabel / Safety Data
4-Speed XT Selective HerbicideView PDF
Abamectin 0.15EC SelectView PDF
Blindside HerbicideView PDF
CarbonPro-GView PDF
Dimension with FertilizerView PDF
Dolomitic Limestone Pro-Select PrillView PDF
Fiesta Turf Weed KillerView PDF
Finalsan Total Vegetation KillerView PDF
Heritage FungicideView PDF
HM-1603 HerbicideView PDF
Horticultural Oil InsecticideView PDF
Manicure 6FL Turf Ornamental FungicideView PDF
Merit 0.2 Plus Turf FertView PDF
Merit 0.5G - BayerView PDF
Mosquito Free InsecticideView PDF
Permethrin E-Pro Termiticide InsecticideView PDF
RoundUp Pro HerbicideView PDF
Spring Weed Feed SustaneView PDF
SysTec 1998 Systemic Turf Ornamentals FungicideView PDF
Talstar P Professional InsecticideView PDF
Three-Way Selective Herbicide LescoView PDF
Tick Killz Pest ControlView PDF